A list of the top 5 dokuwiki plugins for 2021

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Dokuwiki is a very simple wiki platform that you can self-host. It provides just the right balance between features and complexity. With an ecosystem of plugins, it allows you to customize your wiki to your taste. I’ve searched this ecosystem to personalize mine to the extent where I can use it without battling its rigid “wiki nature”.

Today I want to share some of the plugins that I have used on my personal wiki.

This was the first plugin that I installed— it enables the formatting of the text using markdown rather than the wiki syntax – which makes for a much more enjoying writing experience in general. Note that you can use the two interchangeably, so no dokuwiki formatting feature is lost.

Add new page


The default way of creating a new page in DokuWiki is to create a new link from an already existing page — while this ensures that there are no orphans pages, this is cumbersome and not ergonomic. This plugin adds a form that enables you to quickly create a new page.

The risk of creating an orphan page is mitigated with the IndexMenu.

The end result
The dowuki code in the document



The third plugin on this collection creates a list of all the pages under a namespace — with many options for you to customize the filtering and display.

I use it on my main page to have a listing of all the namespaces and pages on my wiki. This makes it super easy to find what I am looking for, and ensures no page goes missing. I also list my most used namespaces (my work notes and programming snippets) there, so I can quickly jump to the info I’m looking for.

There is a interactive option that is useful for large listing, list this one of the entire site
It is simple to dynamically list all the pages under a namespace

Code used to generate the previous lists:

## Tech
// index everything under the tech namespace

## Site tree
// index everything on the root namespace using the javascript version

* note that I have using markdown for the heading, and not wiki syntax

Move plugin


You should not be moving your pages manually, it is super tedious and this plugin does it automatically. To fix this, the move plugin painlessly moves and renames pages and namespaces — it then updates all the needed backlinks.
A last note: I’ve had some problems with using this plugin my phone with responsive templates,it only works with the wiki in desktop mode.



The last plugin I want to share breaks the traditional hierarchy of parent and child pages. This plugin lets you assign category tags to wiki pages — which can then be listed and you can find all related pages.

A very interesting use I found was to create a “pinned” tag that I then filter by on my start page. This way I have my most used pages in one place.

A list of all the posts with the tag pinne`
Pinned pages
// shortcut
Adding the tag pinned relates this post to the others with the same tag

That was it! Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoying this list!

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